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Health, Safety, and Environment Policy

It is the policy and top priority of Alpha Group Trading & Services to provide an accident free and comfortable work environment by eliminating recognized hazard from the work place. We strongly believe that workers’ health, safety and environmental programs are the major factors for the qualitative services and products. The specific programs for HSE have been developed to assure compliance with international standard regulations.
In order to maintain the safety standards desired by AG, it is necessary to actively pursue an accident Prevention program through all levels of our company, from top management to all our employees. Health and safety are functional responsibilities of each supervisor and employee.

Health, Safety and environmental (HSE) management system, applies to all Alpha Group Trading & Services firms, employees and suppliers.

AG shall Provide adequate control health and safety risks arising from our wok activities;

AG Consults with its employees on matters affecting their health and safety like common accidents;

AG is Continually improve HSE performance by regular monitoring and by establishing goals at all levels within the company;

Recommending additional resources as required and ensuring that AG’ HSE activities are managed consistently and continuously;

Invest in HSE training to ensure individuals can perform their tasks, and to give the adequate training;

Providing strategic direction for HSE policies and program development;

To prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health and to maintain safe and health working condition;

Minimize the environmental impact of our activities in order to protect the natural resources and avoid damage to the environment;


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